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Title: Implementasi Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) pada Absensi Contactless (Tanpa Sentuh) dengan Mikrokontroler AT89C51 dan Komputer
Authors: Hasibuan, Adam Malik
Keywords: RFID
Mikrokontroler AT89C51
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: These days with many is big company and factory, needed by system of good and presensi observation l{esistance which is otten f'aced in iife human being is time efficiency, and sr"rrely in the rvorld of modern of etflciency always become the priority. For the <Jata of repeat the employees every day require a lot of time and energy and also consume the supporter goocls which is a lot ol-. For example for the data of employees cvery day in big institution ol'goodrtoss o1'school ancl also company needcd by a special employees hanclling this problern. ls required by a paper n'hich is a lot of to write the employces (ara or iis possible required by a cclnventional record-keeping system or do not auttlmatically systcm ol'Abscncc contactlr;ss by I{FID ( I{adio ol'l]requency Identilication ) assisting company to econonrize the enetgy r,vhich handling of problem presensi. Data taken by more accurate u,itli the security systern which can vie with the other technology contactless fbr cxantple rvith the fingerprint which its expense is very costly By using this absence contactless system is company do not have to provide the paper and ink which is a lot of to note its ernployees. And so do can economize the moment time process the rccord-keeping, because employees needn't touch the appliance, can be detected in distancc ntore or less 12 cm
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