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Title: Pengaruh Profitabilitas dan Corporate Social Responsibility terhadap Nilai Perusahaan pada Perusahaan Bumn PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk yang Terdaftar di BEI Periode 2016-2020
Other Titles: The Effect of Profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Value in State-Owned Companies PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk Listed on the IDX for the 2016-2020 Period
Authors: Harefa, Deva Kristiani
Keywords: profitabilitas
corporate social responsibility
nilai perusahaan
corporate social responsibility
value company
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2022
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Series/Report no.: NPM;188320354
Abstract: Skripsi yang berjudul “Pengaruh Profitabilitas Dan Corporate Social Responsibility Terhadap Nilai Perusahaan pada Perusahaan Bumn Pt Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk yang Terdaftar di Bei Periode 2016-2020” ini adalah hasil penelitian kuantitatif. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh kinerja keuangan yang diukur dengan return on asset dan Corporate social responsibility yang diukur dengan CSRDI berdasarkan indikator GRI terhadap nilai perusahaan (PBV) Pengambilan sampling dilakukan dengan metode purposive sampling dengan satu perusahaan pt Kimia farma persero Tbk. yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) periode 2016-2020. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah analisis regresi linear berganda pada taraf signifikansi 5%. Berdasarkan analisis regresi linear beganda bahwa ROA berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap nilai perusahaan dan CSR tidak terdapat pengaruh positif dan tidak signifikan terhadap nilai perusahaan. The thesis entitled "The Influence of Profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility on Company Value at State-Owned Companies Pt Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk Listed on the Stock Exchange 2016-2020" is the result of quantitative research. This study aims to determine the effect of financial performance as measured by return on assets and Corporate social responsibility as measured by CSRDI based on GRI indicators on firm value (PBV). Sampling was carried out by purposive sampling method with one company pt Kimia Farma Persero.Tbk. listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for the 2016-2020 period. The data analysis technique used in this study is multiple linear regression analysis at a significance level of 5%. Based on multiple linear regression analysis that ROA has a positive and significant effect on firm value and CSR there is no positive and insignificant effect on firm value.
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