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Title: Comparison on Loses and Flux Distribution between Two of 3 Phase Distribution Transformer core 3000 kVA Assembled with Different Angle of T-Joint
Authors: Daut, I
Maizana, Dina
Zakaria, S
Taib, S
Keywords: flux distribution
two of 3 phase
distribution core 3000 kVA
angle t joint
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Publisher: Malaysia Japan International Symposium on Advanced Technology 2007 (MJISAT 2007)
Abstract: This paper describes the results of an investigation on the effect of the use of different angle of T-Joint in two models of 3 phase distribution transformer with capacity of 3000 KVA. The first model uses 3 phase distribution transformer core assembled with T-joint cutting which has the angle of 60 and 45 The second model uses 3 phases distribution transformer core which is also assembled with T-joint cutting but has the angle of 45, This investigation involves the variation of power loss, building factor, third harmonic and flux leakage by using no-load test. In performing this investigation power loss and flux distribution and measured applying power analyzer in the two types of transformer which have the same size and use MS grade (CGO) material, The result of this Investigation shows that the loss of the transformer core in the first model is 8 % better than the loss of the transformer core in the second model at 1.7T, 50 Hz. The factor that differentiates the performance of transformer core 18 clearly described by the Mux penetration into the central limb of the transformer core. It is also obvious that the flux leakages measured at the T-joint and the third harmonic flux in the transformer core of the second model is larger than the Mux leakage measured at the T-joint and the third harmonic flux in the transformer core of the first model, From this investigation we can conclude that the first model of the transformer core is more efficient than the second model of transformer core.
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