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Title: Hubungan antara Motivasi Berprestasi dengan Adversity Quotient pada Siswa Kelas XI SMKN 3 Medan
Authors: Siahaan, Johanes Afrianto
Advisor: Hardjo, Suryani
Keywords: motivasi berprestasi;adversity quotient;achievement motivation;adversity quotient
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: This study aims to see the relationship of achievement motivation with adversity quotient in class XI SMKN 3 Medan students. The sample in this study were students of class XI major in analytical chemistry and industrial chemistry totaling 300 students.The sampling technique uses random sampling technique. Data retrieval is done using two scales, namely the achievement motivation scale and the adversity quotient scale. Data analysis used correlation technique (rxy) of 0.604 with p = 0.000> 0.005, meaning that there was a positive and significant relationship between achievement motivation and adversity quotient in class XI SMKN 3 Medan students, which showed that the higher the student's achievement motivation the higher the adversity quotient . Conversely, the lower the achievement motivation of students, the lower the adversity quotient. Achievement motivation in this study class XI SMKN 3 Medan is relatively high because (the empirical mean = 80,04.> The hypothetical mean = 70 where the difference exceeds the SD number = 8,737). And adversity quotient is also high, because (empirical mean = 84,48.> Hypothetical mean = 72,5 where the difference exceeds SD number = 8,581). The coefficient of determination of the correlation is R2 = 0.365 meaning that achievement motivation contributes effectively to the adversity quotient of 36,5%. The results of this study fit the hypothesis with the results of research in the field.
Description: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat hubungan motivasi berprestasi dengan adversity quotient pada siswa kelas XI SMKN 3 MEDAN. Subjek dalam penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas XI jurusan kimia analis dan kimia industri yang berjumlah 300 siswa. Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan teknik simple random sampling. Pengambilan data dilakukan dengan menggunakan dua skala, yaitu skala motivasi berprestasi dan skala adversity quotient. Analisis data menggunakan teknik korelasi (rxy) sebesar 0.604 dengan p = 0,000 < 0,050, artinya terdapat hubungan positif dan signifikan antara motivasi berprestasi dengan adversity quotient siswa kelas XI SMKN 3 Medan, yang menunjukkan bahwa semakin tinggi motivasi berprestasi siswa maka semakin tinggi adversity quotientnya. Sebaliknya semakin rendah motivasi berprestasi siswa maka semakin rendah adversity quotient nya. Motivasi berprestasi dalam penelitian ini siswa SMKN 3 Medan tergolong tinggi karena (mean empirik =80,04 > mean hipotetik = 70 dimana selisihnya melebihi bilangan SD = 8,737). Dan adversity quotient juga tergolong tinggi, karena (mean empirik= 84,48 > mean hipotetik = 72,5 dimana selisihnya melebihi bilangan SD = 8,581). Adapun koefisien determinasi dari korelasi tersebut sebesar R2 = 0,365 artinya motivasi berprestasi memberikan sumbangan efektif terhadap adversity quotient sebesar 36,5%. Hasil penelitian ini sesuai hipotesis dengan hasil penelitian di lapangan.
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