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Title: Analisia Pemilihan Moda Transportasi Umum Rute Medan-Rantau Prapat Dengan Metode Analytic Hierarchy Process (Studi Kasus)
Authors: Rambe, Zelvia Zahara
Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process;Train;Bus
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2016
Abstract: Many people of Labuhan Batu who worked and studied in Medan making transport between Medan-Rantau Prapat is one of the busiest travel sector every day. There are two modes of public transport are used, namely Train and Bus. Each mode has different characteristics. This research investigated what factors or characteristics of the most influential in the selection of public transportation route Medan-Rantau Prapat, in this case compared between Railway and Bus Chandra. The survey was a questionnaire that will be distributed at railway stations and bus Chandra. The survey results were processed using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). From the analysis of the data obtained by the most influential factor is the safety factor with the priority weighting of 27%, followed by 19% Convenience, Ease 16%, 13% Headway, the cost of 13%, and the last time the trip with a weight of 12%. The results of the priority weighting among criteria for Railways are: First Sequence comfort factor with a weight of 23%, followed by 21% Time Travel, Security 20%, 14% Headway, Ease 14%, the last charge with a weight of 8%. The results of the priority weighting among criteria for Bus Chandra is: First Sequence Factor Cost by weighting 27%, followed by, Ease and Headway 20% Security 12%, 12% of travel time, past the convenience factor with a weight of 9%. And the best mode of traveling performers selection based on the criteria that there is Train with weights 62%, while the Bus Chandra less enthused by weight 38%.
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