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Title: Pengaruh Penambahan Damdex (Waterproofing) Pada Campuran Beton Terhadap Kuat Tekan Beton (Penelitian)
Authors: Nisa, Nida Khairun
Keywords: Concrete;Compressive Strength;Damdex
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2016
Abstract: Concrete is a building material most commonly used. Many various studies and experiments in the field of concrete is done in order to improve the quality of concrete. One way to improve the strength of concrete is compacting, which minimize pores or void are formed in the concrete. The used of the added material can help solve these problems. In this experiments is used as an ingredient added damdex. With the added material damdex research aims to determine the compressive strength of normal concrete with compressive strength of concrete with mixed damdex. Damdex was added at ratios of 2,5% and 5% to the dry weight of cement. Each variation made twenty cubes and cast to testing cubes of 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm in dimension with compressive strength plan is K 225 and the test cubes in the compression machine at 28 days. The result experiment, the highest compressive strength with the addition of damdex 5% by weight of cement is equal 278,04 kg/cm2. The addition is 17.53 % of the compressive strength of normal concrete . With the proportion of cement , sand , crushed stone , water and damdex respectively 29.83 kg , 50.73 kg , 82.87 kg , 16.70 kg , 1.49 kg.
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