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dc.contributor.advisorRitonga, H Syafruddin-
dc.contributor.advisorJamil, Bahrum-
dc.contributor.authorMuda, Iskandar-
dc.description.abstractCommunication is necessary in the organization. The activities of a Staff cannot be separated from the communication between society and other Staff. This research describes how the effectiveness of communication between the Staffs and social communication between Staff and the society in applying the Pencegahan, Pemberantasan, Penyalahgunaan, dan Peredaran Gelap Narkoba (P4GN) program from National Anti-Narcotics Agency of South Tapanuli Regency. This research aims to determine the strategy of communication applied by the organization in the success of programs from National Anti-Narcotics Agency of South Tapanuli Regency. This research used Qualitative research where the source data are 3 Staff of National Anti-Narcotics Agency of South Tapanuli Regency in a helping hand of the Staffs. The data is collected by direct observation in the field of in-depth interview with the source and literature study. It followed by technique of interactive data analysis starting from simplifying the data, presenting the data and drawing the conclusion. From the results of this research can be seen that the role of communication is very important in applying the P4GN program. The results of this research indicate that organizational communication and social communication which is conducted by Staff are to do the activities and approaches to the society to analyze the requirements in each region and the effectiveness of communication strategy of National Anti-Narcotics Agency of South Tapanuli Regencyen_US
dc.publisherUniversitas Medan Areaen_US
dc.subjectorganizational communication, social communication, strategy of communicationen_US
dc.titleStrategi Komunikasi Badan Narkotika Nasional Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatan Dalam Menurunkan Tingkat Penyalahgunaan Narkoba Di Kecamatan Batang Angkola Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatanen_US
dc.typeSkripsi Sarjanaen_US
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