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Title: Evaluasi Stabilitas Bendung D.I Belutu Kecamatan Tebing Tinggi Kabupaten Serdang Bedagai (Study Kasus)
Authors: Sitorus, Fadly Rais
Keywords: Flood rate;Rolling;Overtuning Force
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2016
Abstract: The irrigation area of Sei Belutu is located in Sei Bamban sub-district Serdang Bedagai regency. The potential area of Sei Belutu irrigation area is ± 5082 Ha which is distributed in 7 villages such as Sei Belutu, Bakaran Batu, Bamban, Sukadamai, Gempolan, Pengalangan village and Kampung Pon village. The irrigation has the potential impact for the economy of the people in surrounding area. To suffice the needs of water in the areal, safe and good weir should be built in the area. The thesis is intended to analyze the stability of weir to rolling and overtuning force. The combination of force is analyzed to normal flood, maximum and also mud. The first step to do in this thesis is the analysis of rain fall hidrology from Sampali station with the maximum data for 10 years from 2004-20013, from calculation of flood rate prediction for 175,4215 m /second. Based on the analysis and weir stability calculation in irrigation area of Belutu, it is considered safe to rolling and overtuning force.
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