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Title: Analisa Pengaruh Putaran Balik (U-Turn) Terhadap Kinerja Ruas Jalan ( Studi Kasus )
Authors: Nasution, Arie Pribadi
Keywords: U-Turn;Speed;Delay
Issue Date: 10-Sep-2016
Abstract: Singamangaraja street in the city of Medan in North Sumatra Province, an arterial road with traffic volume is relatively high. Of each - each of these roads have been equipped with median openings along the median to accommodate the movement of the U - Turn. Roads Singamangaraja have a median opening is not signalized. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of the influence of the movement of the U - Turn on the performance Singamangaraja street in the city of Medan. From the results of research using methods Greenshield, then can some conclusions, Directions A in the know that the speed of the vehicle from starting will do a U-Turn to have reversed course required speed of 25 m / sec or 6.96 km / h and takes about 3, 49 seconds, the delay caused by the movement of the U-turn of 7.5 seconds, direction B is known that the speed of the vehicle from the start will make U-turn until the required speed has rebounded by 20.86 m / sec or 5.80 km / h with a travel time of 4.66 seconds, the delay caused by the movement of the U-Turn at 10.4 Seconds.Road Singamangaraja overall performance indicator is B.
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