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Title: Perencanaan Preventive Maintenance Berdasarkan Metode Reliability Centered Maintenance (Rcm) pada Pt. Sinar Sosro
Authors: Hutapea, Peber Fernando
Keywords: Company;Lubricate
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2014
Abstract: PT. Sosro ray is a company engaged in the manufacture of beverage manufacturing with a vision to be the leading company in the field. Based on interviews and direct observation in the company, it turns out the bottling line three is often damaged which resulted in a breakdown though companies have implemented the concept of maintenance activities CILAR (Clean, Investigate, Lubricate, Adjust, Repair) every week. The highest level of damage is on the machine bottle washer at 44.44%. This is caused by a complex machine systems. Therefore, the authors use of Reliability Centered Maintenance approach to analyze the system to determine which components are included in the critical category. Results anilisis using Reliability Centered Maintenance pedekatan (RCM) found that components bearing and universal joint is a critical component. Optimal replacement interval by minimizing downtime for component universal joint is 126,9 hours, 1482,0 hours is the crank bearings, bearing infeed is 455,7 hours and 823,6 hours is the discharge bearing. As for the other components in a condition categorized directed, directed and run time to failure
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