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Title: Analisa Pengaruh Parkir pada Kapasitas Ruas Jalan (Studi Kasus : Jalan Sutomo Medan)
Authors: Purba, Abdul Rahman
Keywords: Parking In Body Walke The;Joint Streets Performanc
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2009
Abstract: In principle a joint streets passed by to then have to be planned as well possible so that each every type of movement transport at one particular ambulatory joint streets safely and fluent. This research evaluate the joint streets of Sutomo which used also for place of the park transportation intersecting street on Sutomo own the appliance control the direction then used traffic lamp, one appliance to control the intersection. This appliance arrange the movement transport from every road, near street by change so that conflict directly earn less even eliminated. Research conducted the Method of Capacities Manual Walke the Indonesian where by analysis to learn the impact from use park at road street Sutomo. This in Method used research optimal joint streets which is with following scope, : this research in the joint streets controlled by signal traffic. To get the data of traffic current needed hence have been determined by period of time survey. Time this survey period divide into some clock period culminate. Pursuant to result analyse the data is hence obtained a service storey level inclusive of storey level service B representing service which still be good especially at the time of clock culminate the arrangement of signal and arrangement park which at the moment still be good enough so that volume transport which is joint streets still be good enough. In principle execution park road treet body have to be planned in such a manner, so that answer the demand for ambulatory traffic movement safely, balmy and safe until target
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