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Title: Kaji Eksperimen Motor Bakar Bensin Empat Langkah Penggerak Generator Daya 3.0 Hp Menggunakan Bahan Bakar Gas Lpg
Authors: Napitupulu, Jefri
Keywords: Motor Fuel;LPG Gas;Consumption Fuel;Fuel Premium
Issue Date: 12-Oct-2015
Abstract: Renewable energy has been a subject of conversation in the world community in recents years. It is not separated by the depletion of reserves of petroleum and petroleum imports, to meet the needs of domestic oil. This is a major factor that encourages the use of fuel gas as an alternative fuel the use of alternative fuels need to hold study experimental fuel to the engine, to determine the fuel consumption (Sfc). In this case the fuel used the LPG gas, to convert the use of fuel oil into fuel gas used as a replacement converter kit carburetor as the mixing of fuel with air. In this research used experimental research methods, the research object is the motor gasoline 4 steps that have been modified, using a variation of the engine rotation (rpm), at 3500 rpm, 3800 rpm, 4000 rpm, 4200 rpm, 4500 rpm and load, then measurements were taken to determine the material consumption burn.research done with two test,namely tests using gasoline fuel and fuel testing using gas. Based on the results of this study concluded that the use of LPG gas fuel is more efficient then using gasoline, fuel consumption decreased at the test conditions and equal treatment.
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