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Title: Evaluasi Distribusi Debit Air PDAM Cabang Tirtanadi Kota Padang Sidempuan (Penelitian)
Authors: Situmorang, Tiodora
Keywords: Distribution of Water in pipes
Issue Date: 23-Jan-2015
Abstract: Increasing need for clean water is always accompanied by an increase in the population. Increased water demand must be balanced by an increase in capacity of existing processing units. Based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), at least 50% of the people who have not served by water supply facilities must obtain clean water facilities 2015. Clean water is one of the types of resources of good quality water-based and commonly used by humans for consumption or in performing their daily activities. The presence of taps made possible through the Law No. 5 in 1962 as a unit of regional-owned enterprises that provide services and organize public services in the field of drinking water. The intent and purpose of this study to analyze the distribution and distribution system on drinking water pipes from Padang Sidempuan city managed by PDAM Tirtanadi Padang Sidempuan Branch, by analyzing water usage at peak hours. Based on the calculation results obtained that the total water demand for the Padang Sidempuan community of 126,024 m3 / day. The maximum demand occurred at 17:00 pm - 20:00 pm at 0,0038931 m 3 / sec which is based on the calculation24-hourusage. From this study it can be concluded that the ratio of discharge to discharge assumptions use in the field by 32%. In the calculation of Hardy-Cross largest discharge flow in the pipe is 0.0161 m3 / s and the smallest discharge flow in the pipe is 0.00007 m3 / sec. Pumps used can already able to distribute water to the city of Padang Sidempuan City with a capacity of 60 l / sec 2 units
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