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Title: Penentuan Waktu Optimal Pembuatan Dished End Dengan Metode Waktu Standard Pada Sterilizer Door Diameter 2100 Mm
Authors: Panuju, Dedi
Keywords: Employment;Scheduling
Issue Date: 17-Jul-2009
Abstract: PT. ATMINDO which located in road;street K.L. Yos Sudarso No. 100 Field is opened on 24 March 1972 based on Industrial minister decree of Nobelium. 102/ M/SK/III/1971, concerning giving of permit of making of agricultural equipment, equipments of processing of plantation product and boiler in North Sumatra. implemented by Work scope PT. ATMINDO have the character of work of order (job order). In execution of activity of factories required by labour taking charge of to execution of the duties and have membership in the field of its are each. Calculation and usage of careful time will support employment scheduling which have been made for every work process. Because when usage of not work time in control not only employment scheduling which will slip but also to hardly influence to expense of incidence loss of finansial. Data which collected at this researchs are time which required to do an activities identities at each activity units. Data which tested obtained uniformity of the data with level of convident limit of 95/5%, so that determinable summed up the required observations. After amount of observations have answered the demand, hence is determinable of the cycle time. After obtained by is cycle time then countable the normal time, by reckoning rating factor (adjustment according to Westinghouse) that is skill factor, effort, consistency and working condition. Based on normal time which then added with diffuseness and adjustment factor which wanted for each element working, hence obtained by is standard time. Standard time needed checked, see often incidence not be effective usage of in working by a worker in doing the work was and also existence of in working balance between an activities with other activities. From result calculation at each working activity unit in making of Dished, End, hence obtained by is standard time as follows : unit standard time Forklift I was 135,71 minute, unit standard time Marking 20,62 minute, unit standard time Inspection Of I 29,31 minute, unit standard time Cutting 40,97 minute, standard time Crane I 17,07 minute, unit standard time Dishing 1206,08 minute, unit standard time Inspection Of II 42,41 minute, unit standard time Crane II 23,06 minute, unit standard time Flanging 286,21 minute, unit standard time Forklift II 34,84 minute, unit standard time Sand Blasting 105,81 minute, unit standard time Crane III 28,41 minute, and unit standard time Turning was 231,16 minute. Causing total standard time for finish making an unit Dished End at Sterilizer Door diameter of 2100 mm is 2231,69 minute
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