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Title: Perencanaan Dan Pengendalian Persediaan Bahan Baku Dengan Menggunakan Metode Silver Meal Pada Pt. Mabar Feed Indonesia
Authors: Eko, Pramono
Keywords: Safety Stock;Ordering Cost;Lot Size;Reorder Point;Silver Meal
Issue Date: 23-May-2013
Abstract: PT. Mabar Feed Indonesia is one of North Sumatra engaged in the processing of chicken feed and fish feed. The products produced fish feed (flouting and sinking). Solving problems in this research is how to plan the proper supply of raw materials at PT. Mabar Feed Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to identify safety stock, ordering cost, lot size and reorder point for the raw materials and then row stock planning at PT. Mabar Feed Indonesia. Data exist on its own characteristics varying demand levels so that the data is processed by the “model silver meal”. Silver Meal is a heuristic method is used to find an effective amount of reservation in order to produce a minimum ordering cost to make a reservation for the next n time units at year. From the results of research and analysis of safety stock is known that the three types of raw materials are used in Soybean Meal, bran, and corn as much as 670,46 tons, 51,04 tons, 258,72 tons and a total cost of ordering raw materials of year is Rp. 778.974.880, -. While the lot size for the type of Soybean Meal 8 times, bran 1 time ordering, and Corn 11 times and reorder point for raw materials Soybean Meal, bran, and corn as much as 1.038,69 tons, 93,37 tons and 603,64 tons. Then do the planning of inventory which results in total inventory costs Rp.,- or generating efficiency at a cost of 2,14% compared with the company's policy is Rp. 1.295.812.320
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