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Title: Analisis Produktivitas Tukang Pada Proyek Pekerjaan Konstruksi
Authors: Nurasyiah, Ilfah
Keywords: Productivity;Salary;Labour;Linear Function Graph
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2009
Abstract: Labour’s productivity is one of important factor in construction project. By this productivity data, contractor can do some repair for the planning of the project, both of the time of execution or the cost of execution project, and this is one one of the step to handle some troubles that will raising up in each type of work in a construction project. The excellent goal from this research is to analysied the labour’s productivity, which this is based the fact that most contractor not respect to their labour’s productivity, which this can influence the successful of the final project. This was caused because of the uneffective use of labour, such us too much free time, talking, eating, drinking and take a cigarette while the working time. Analysies for this productivity began from the brick installation until plaster the wall. The conclusion is the productivity of every labour is different to each other. The labour’s productivity in brick installation are 0.714; 1.143; 3.535; 0.761 and 1.428 while the value for plastering the wall that are 2.285; 1.714; 2.714; 3.428 and 2.571
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