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Title: Analisis Lossis Minyak Dengan Metode Statistical Quality Control Di Pks Pagar Merbau Ptpn 2
Authors: Agusnita, Cindy Mariem
Keywords: Processing Capability;Oil Losses;Statistical Quality Control;X and R Control Chart
Issue Date: 6-Mar-2016
Abstract: Pagar Merbau Palm Oil Mill is a company engaged in the palm oil processing that producing crude palm oil and palm kernel. The aim of the study is to analyse the factor that caused the losses of oil by using Statistical Quality Control Method. This method is a combination of strategies, technics, and actions which are gathered by company to ensure that those circumstances able to generated a qualified product and good services. In this study, the sample of CPO oil losses that used is the dregs, final draft, empty palm bunches, palm kernel, and total losses. Based on X and R control chart can be concluded that those five categories of CPO oil losses is not in control limit. The value of Cpk that found in dregs and palm kernel station indicates a high processing capability. In other words, those stations generate the oil losses in a good specification that established by the company. However, the value of Cpk in final draft, empty palm bunches, and total losses are not very satisfactory. Thus, oil losses that generated by the stations were outside of the specification that established
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