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Title: Studi Kelayakan Pendirian Pabrik Bioetanol Kapasitas Olah 5 Ton Molases/Jam Di Kabupaten Langkat Provinsi Sumatra Utara
Authors: Prasetya, Teguh
Keywords: Feasibility Study;Bioethanol;Economics and Financial aspect
Issue Date: 23-Aug-2016
Abstract: Dependence of crude oil in Indonesia was due to an enhancement in transport and factories which are causing a crisis issue. Thus, the utilization of molasses as a raw material for making as an alternative potential overcome. In this study, a feasibility study a role as the business ideas that will be implemented to provide benefits, both in terms of financial and There are five aspects come through a feasibility study, namely marketing technical and operational, management and organization, legal and environment, economic and financial. This research aims to create and analyze these aspects of the feasibility study in establishing the bioethanol factory with 5 tons/hour molasses capacity Also Microsoft Excel application is employed to determine the development investment sensitivity in in building a bioethanol factory. For the price of molasses IDR 1,268 and the price of bioethanol IDR 9,518 comes up the Net Present Value (NPV) as much as 21.7 0, Payback Period (PP) of 7.4 years investment, Internal Rate of Return (RR) as much as 30.56 25, Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) i 1.0505 which is over the MARR value 1), and the Rate of Return (ROR) average as much as 1.15. Next, for the price of molasses IDR 1,840 and the price of bioethanol IDR 13,770, comes up the NPV as much as 106.75> 0, PP for 9.1 years of investment, IRR for 49.79> 25, BCR for 1827 which is over the MARR value 1), the ROR average is 1.86. Then again, with the price of and bioethanol IDR 7,500, shows the as much as 0, PP by 6 years of investment, IRR as much as 25.01> 25, BCR as much as 1.01 which is over the MARR value (>1), and ROR is 1.06. Through the sensitivity analysis, it has been shown that by using 5 ton/hour molasses capacity leads to feasible to be built
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