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Title: Penerapan Total Productive Maintenance untuk Peningkatan Efisiensi Produksi dengan Metode Overall Equipment Effectiveness di PTP. Nusantara III Kebun Gunung Para
Authors: Tobing, Herman Syahputra
Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance;Efisiensi Produksi;Metode Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: PT. Perkebunan -Nusantara Ill . Gunungpara is a eompany engaged in the processing of rubber which is inseparable from the problems associated with the effectiveness of the machinery I equipment caused by the six big losses. This can be seen with.. a .frequency of damage to the machinery I equipment because of damage to the production target was not achieved. Therefore we need effective measures and efficiency in the maintenance of machinery and equipment to cope with and prevent the problem. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a principle of management to improve productivity and efficiency of the production company using the machine are efective. not precise. handling and machine maintenance will result in the losses is called the Six Big losses Losess namely breakdown, set-up and . adjustment losses, reduced speed losses, idling and minor stoppages, rework losses and yield losses scarp The first stage in efforts to increase production efficiency at this company is by measuring the effectiveness of the dryer machine twind using Overall Equipment Effectifitas (OEE), which is then followed by six big losses OEE measurement to know the level of efficiency that is lost on the sixth factor of six big losses. Of the six factors were then searched which factors contribute the greatest amount of efficiency resulting in twind dryer machine. With a causal diagram to analyze the real problems are a major cause of the high losses that re.sult in low efficiency twind dryer machine.
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