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Titel: Perencanaan Produksi Berdasarkan Peramalan Permintaan Produk Pada Pabrik Roti Cv. Fawas Jaya Medan
Autor(en): Tambunan, Gading Muda
Stichwörter: Demand;Production Planning Control;Production Management
Erscheinungsdatum: 2-Feb-2016
Zusammenfassung: CV. Fawas Jaya as one of the manufacturers of breads realized that planning needs to be used during the production capacity that is still not optimal. One technique that has always been and is widely used by companies is by using forecasting techniques. The datas required in the processing of this data are: historical data sales of the last 2 years, data on the number of production over the last 2 years and other supporting data for data processing. The stages are carried out in data processing are: foresee great demand for the coming year, the production plan will need production capacity for 1 year ahead with the method of transportation. The results of forecasting the demand for nut bread for year ahead obtaining the smallest number was in July that was only 68622 packets with a budget of Rp. 205.866.000,-. Meanwhile, the highest demand was in January in the amount of 84300 packs with a budget of Rp. 252.900.000,-. The results of forecasting the demand for coconut bread for 1 year ahead obtained the smallest number was in January that only 66829 packs with budget Rp. 200.487.000,-. The highest demand was in October in the amount of 68448 packs with a budget of Rp. 205.344.000,
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