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Titel: Analisis Kepuasan Pasien Berdasarkan Metode Servqual – Fuzzy Di Klinik Umum Dan Bersalin Rumah Sehat Wahida
Autor(en): Hairunsyah
Stichwörter: Fuzzy Servqual;Perceptions;Customer Satisfaction;GAP;Expectations
Erscheinungsdatum: 18-Sep-2014
Zusammenfassung: General Clinic and Maternity Rumah Sehat Wahida as the spearhead of the public health service has a commitment to always improve the services needed by the consumer / customer (patient). But as more and more established health clinics provide clinical impact of increasing competition to gain loyal customers. Through this study the method Servqual-Fuzzy, expected clinical variables able to identify services that need to be repaired and upgraded. This study uses open and closed questionnaire that includes five dimensions of service quality that is tangible (direct evidence), reliability responsiveness, assurance (guarantees), and empathy. Based on this research, it was found that the variable service schedule Right Care Every Time The day has the largest gap 0.2072. While the dimensions of reliability has the largest gap is 0.6542.
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