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Title: Analisa Line Balancing Dengan Membandingkan Metode Ranked Positional Weight (Rpw) Dan Metode Kilbredge & Wester Di Ud. Rati Ayu
Authors: Siregar, Ramadhan
Keywords: Efficiency;Balance Delay;Bottleneck;Methods Kilbredge;& Wester And Methods Ranked Positional Weight ( RPW )
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2014
Abstract: Increase efficiency in the work can be done by balancing the track and the equitable distribution of the workload , which is expected to save time , effort , and costs incurred , the production line imbalance problem in UD. RATI AYU is characterized by the occurrence of bottlenecks at the Process cutter of matrass . Trajectory balancing method used in this case is the method of Ranked Positional Weight ( RPW ) , and methods Kilbredge & Wester . Of methods have been the best method of producing , balance delay , and the best work center , based on calculations and analysis that has been done then selected Kilbredge & Wester method for preparing work stations . This method obtained from the total number of work stations and work stations as much as 4 balance delay of 36,96 % and an efficiency of 63,04 % .
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