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Titre: Rancang Bangun Kontrol Intensitas Lampu Pada Ruang Baca Menggunakan Sensor
Auteur(s): Saputra, Jepri
Mots-clés: Sensor,;Arduino Uno ATmega328 microcontroller;Light Intensity,
Date de publication: 18-aoû-2016
Résumé: Has made the manufacture of light control system to control the powerful illumination incandescent light bulbs in the reading room based on the number of people entering the reading room. The system is built using infra red sensor as a detector of people in and out of the den. Arduinouno as control systems throughout the system are made. Testing is done by several stages include light conditions relation to the number of people in and out of the reading room as well as testing the relationship between the quantity of lux incandescent light bulbs to the distance. The results of this study indicate that the system can control and maintain stable light intensity based on the number of people reading room and coming out of the den
Collection(s) :SP - Industrial Engineering

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