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Titel: RancangBangunSistem Kontrol Aquaphonik
Autor(en): Lubis, Fahmi Surya Hadi
Stichwörter: Water Level Sensor;Control Aquaphonik;Microcontroller ATMega 16
Erscheinungsdatum: 18-Aug-2016
Zusammenfassung: Final Project Control System aquaphonik using microcontroller Controlling ATMega 16 designed to be able to facilitate the For Farmers to Plant Process Control Containers aquaphonik humidity . The method used in this final project was are design method that consists of several stages. ( 1 ) analysis of needs , ( 2 ) design , ( 3 ) the implementation of the circuit , ( 4 ) the testing procedure and ( 5 ) testing tool . The tool is divided into two parts, namely the hardware and software . The hardware consists of a water level sensor , the minimum system AVR with microcontroller IC ATMega 16 as output controlled . While the software is created using basic language program with software BASCOM AVR . To work the whole device can work well , so it can be implemented with matching devices in the field or farm allocation
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