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Titel: Perancangan Fasilitas Kerja Yang Ergonomis Dengan Menggunakan Metode Reba Pt. Florindo Makmur
Autor(en): Siahaan, Billy Frans
Stichwörter: Design Facility;SNQ,;REBA;Anthropometri
Erscheinungsdatum: 21-Apr-2016
Zusammenfassung: PT.Florindo Makmur is a company engaged in producing tapioca flour which the process possible in resulting the Musculeskeletal Diserders (MSDs) for the operators’ body. Its construction is still used a simple facility makes the work without considering the un-ergonomi principal and wrong working position. This condition affected the workers to unfinished their work on time and caused the compiaints in body parts. This study is heading to design an ergonomic framework by the workers’ body dimension and their willing to make an adequate, comfortable, and safety for working. Standard Nordic Quetionaire was distributed to determine sore body parts of the workers. The result shows that majority of employees claimed that have a sore in their waist, back, both left and right calf, both upper and lower neck, both left and right thigh. The result shows that most of the complaints tend to not going with the ergonomic principal. This condition can be demonstrated by level assessments of working posture with REBA method. A high risk of sore is prevalen on back and waist
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