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Titre: Planetarium Dan Observatorium Di Medan
Auteur(s): Reynold, Jhon
Mots-clés: Planetarium;Recreation;Hightech Architecture;Medan
Date de publication: 21-déc-2014
Résumé: Limited facilities in astronomy led to the lack of knowledge of astronomy. Planetarium and Observatory is a facility are recreational but is still oriented primarily on informal education in the field of astronomy. The goal of this project is the public in general and students / college students in particular to add interest and knowledge about everything related to the science of astronomy. The location in Jalan Ngumban Surbakti design. Method design approach consists of: 1) a literature study on building a planetarium and themes, 2) observation kondsi footprint, and 3) a comparative study similar projects. Stages of the design include: 1) the collection of primary and secondary data; 2) analysis and synthesis; 3) the preparation of design concepts; and 4) the design of the building. Ngumban Surbakti street serve as the Main Entrance, Bunga Terompet street as a Second Entrance and Bunga Sedam Malamg 15 as Service Entrance. Circulation at the site should be used for the motor vehicle and pedestrian circulation in buildings while applying radial system on the main and supporting facilities as well as linear and facilities service manager. Circular and rectangular shape is the basic form of the building. The main columns in the building to use as foundation piles and columns while the practical use of the foundation footprint and continuously. Building body structures using ½ brick wall with a combination alcobon panels and glass. The roof structure typically use a steel structure with a material cover materials such as spandex and GRC.Pemakaian alcobon panels, glass, domed structure and other manufacturing materials merukan characteristics High-Tech building. In addition to the technology became a central feature of the building, the design is functionally oriented. The interior space is large and open and easy access to all floors to improve the function of the building.
Collection(s) :SP - Architecture

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