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Title: Perlindungan Hukum Terhadap Anak Jalanan Dalam Perspektif Hukum Positif di Indonesia (Studi Kasus DinasKesejahteraan Dan Sosial Kota Medan)
Authors: Girsang, Winda Lestari
Keywords: legal protection;street children;positive law;perlindungan hukum;anak jalanan;hukum positif
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: When mentioning street children, the attention will be on the slums, filthy, wild, naughty and always present in the street, piles of garbage, entertainment centers, crowded places and terminals. The figure of street children until now is a man who occupies the position of contempt in the eyes of the general public. His filthy appearance, his poor family economy in the slum settlements or even lacking a permanent residence, his wild and often criminal and other street children's demeanor, led to a very low public outlook on him. In providing legal protection for children especially street children in a positive legal perspective has two important reasons why children should be protected. The first child is the next generation and the future of the Nation, the second is a group of people who by nature are weak. The State as the holder of the authority to safeguard and protect every citizen is no exception to the child, is obliged to give attention and protection for the child, and one of the efforts made by the State is to create various laws and regulations that can safeguard the rights of the child as a citizen and Other civil rights and protect children from various acts of violence and discrimination including children with legal problems. In the form of legal protection conducted for street children, especially in the area of Medan City is by way of empowering street children in the city of Medan for street children to get the welfare they need in accordance with Law no. 35 years 2014. One of the empowerment is done by making a shelter for street children
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