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Title: Efektivitas Penukar Kalor Shell And Tube Susunan Tabung Segitiga Pada Aliran Berlawanan Arah Dari Air Dan Air
Authors: Siahaan, Salmen
Keywords: Heat Exchangers;Heat Transfer;Effectiveness.
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2016
Abstract: This study aims to determine the effectiveness of shell and tube heat exchanger by setting the flow amount that goes into the tube shell. Specimens used in this study is made of iron, the tube and stainless steel, as the shell with a certain distance and number as well as the tube with a triangular arrangement. The specimens included in the shell is then isolated in a meeting to be tested. Cold water flows into the shell at a steady pace and the hot water flowed into the tube at a moderate pace, and remain, the testing is done in 5 trials. By measuring the temperature changes that occur between the entry and exit of shell and tube, it can determine the magnitude and its heat transfer coefficient, this study provides an overview of the results of research in a systematic and factual about the phenomenon of climate change on the side of the shell and tube. Thus the role and use of a heat exchanger in the industry, so that the studies are directed with a view to optimizing the functions and performance of thermal heat exchanger until now remains to be developed. A heat exchanger is good to be able to guarantee the transfer of heat energy from one fluid to another fluid, which produces heat transfer rate as high as possible with low construction prices
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