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Title: Perancangan Fasilitas Kerja Pada Pembuatan Sepatu Dengan Menggunakan Metode Reba Di Ud. Anugrah Abadi
Authors: Rosleini
Keywords: Efficiency and effectiveness;SNQ;REBA;Anthropometri
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2016
Abstract: UD.Anugrah Abadi is a company engaged in distributing and producing various types of man shoes. This home industry was developed well and rapidly, however its construction is still manually, used both simple facility and un-ergonomic. There are several levels in producing shoes, namely making its pattern, cutting-down and scrapping, sewing up, making its sole, grinding up, then pressing it down, painting and making the package. Workers’ performance were reduced due to the condition of working place is not agreed with the safety standard, thus may resulting Musculoceletal Disorders (MSDs) to them. This study is heading to design an ergonomic framework in accordance with the workers’ body dimension and their willing to make an effective, comfortable, and safety for working. Standard Nordic Questionnaire was distributed to determine sore body parts of the workers. The result shows that majority of workers claimed that have a sore in their waist and back tend to not going with the ergonomic principal. This can be demonstrated by level assessment of working posture with REBA method. An effort was conducted to decrease the problems of MSDs by creating the ergonomic framework that is working chair in order to decrease the workers’ complaints so the productivity can be run smoothly
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